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Browse or search through our growing range of original DVD productions.  All of our DVDs are available worldwide on Region Free DVD. 
Alexander Briant, Saint
The story of a young English saint is brought to life through powerful music and film, integrating prayer and history in a 30 minute look at an inspiring Catholic priest.
Alexandrina Maria da Costa, Blessed,
In this documentary, the life of Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa is presented in a deeply absorbing, thought-provoking way. A victim soul, known as the Fourth Seer of Fatima.
Anne Line, Saint, The Safe House Keeper, DVD
In Elizabethan England, where the Catholic Mass was outlawed and priests were hunted and condemned, Saint Anne Line, a young Catholic laywoman, spent her life caring for secret safe houses where these Catholic missionaries could rest and offer the Mass.
Anthony of Padua, Saint, DVD
St. Anthony is one of the best loved saints of the Church, known mostly as the patron saint of lost articles.
Bede, Saint
Reflective and mysterious, this ancient English Doctor of the Church takes you on a journey through history and faith.
Bega of Bees, Saint
A prayerful, mystical journey with St. Bega. Miracles occurred after her death and she has been remembered recently in secular novels, plays and paintings. Includes a prayer found recently in a 15th century book of hours to St. Bega.
Bernadette of Lourdes and the Holy Rosary, Saint, DVD
In 1858, in a remote village at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains, the blessed virgin Mary appeared to St. Bernadette Soubirous. This simple French girl shows us how simple the way of holiness and happiness is.
Carmelite Saint Selection
5 DVD Films on Carmelite Saints and Spirituality.
Faustina and the Divne Mercy, Saint, DVD
This new film looks at the life of Saint Faustina, her diary and the message of Divine Mercy, specifically at the Chaplet, the painting and the Feast of the Divine Mercy as given to humanity by Our Lord, especially for our times. It is a message of hope, a warning and a call to trust.
Jacinta Marto of Fatima, DVD
A new film biography of Jactina Marto, one of the three Portuguese shepherd children who were visited by Our Lady in Fatima at the beginning of the 20th century
Joan of Arc, Saint, DVD
Saint Joan of Arc was chosen by God to bear witness to the power of Christ the King, whom she loved and served all the way to the stake at which she was burned. She died pronouncing His Holy Name, reassured in her mission by the ‘voices’ of the Saints who directed and guided this humble French maid.
John Bosco, Saint
Steeped in wisdom and spiritual insights, the life of Saint John Bosco is an unforgettable, many layered, prayerful and spiritual adventure that will both inspire and educate Christians journeying through life today.
Julian of Norwich, Saint, DVD
'The Revelations of Divine Love' by St. Julian of Norwich are presented in her own words in this new film from Mary's Dowry Productions. These beautiful, mystical and deeply spiritual insights give a moving encounter with the Passion of Christ, as well as the reassurance from Our Lord that 'all will be well'.
Mary Tudor: Queen of England DVD
In this film, Queen Mary Tudor takes us through the story of her life, from her birth in 1516 to her death at age 42 in 1558. Her personal motto, ‘Truth is the daughter of time’, is especially relevant today.
Old London City in the 17th Century. A time of danger, persecution and plagues. A Catholic missionary priest named Father Henry Morse had his own code: to bring the Catholic Sacraments to the people of that City even at the risk of his own life
Teresa of Avila, Saint
The life of Spanish mystic, author, reformer, Carmelite and Doctor of Prayer St. Teresa of Avila is looked at in detail in this biographical film presentation.
Well Known Saints: Volumes 1-6 DVD Set
6 DVDs telling the lives of 42 individual saints. The complete set is now available at a special price.
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