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Explore the music of Mary's Dowry Productions! 

If you enjoy the music in the films you will be interested to know that all the music is composed and performed by Bernadette Bevans, in fact, Mary's Dowry Productions began through music and music plays an important role in our films.  On this page we have many CDs available, most of which are filled with pieces taken from the film scores.  Bernadette's original style uses a range of beautiful instruments and fusion techniques and each piece will lift the spirit and bring joy and peace to the soul.  All the music is instrumental and perfect for any occasion, especially relaxing and background.  Find out more about each individual CD album on each albums' page.

"I have been writing music since the age of fourteen. It began with piano solos but quickly developed into my own original style of blending all the instruments that I love such as ancient wind instruments, tin whistles, recorders, harps, guitars, baroque guitars, medieval lutes and strings, epic film strings, full choirs, Gregorian voices, beautiful choirs, the voices of the Elves and so many more! I am inspired by film scores such as ‘Lord of the Ring’s’ and ‘Braveheart’. I also love England, its’ landscapes, hills, ruined castles, history, lighthouses, sea towns, harbours, forests. When I write, I picture all that is ancient England and take this visual imagery and try to tell its’ story through music. Each original piece, tells its own story."  - Bernadette Bevans

Original Olde World Ethereal Instrumental Music for relaxation, background and chilling out. Thought-provoking, inspiring tunes created with a variety of instruments both ancient and new with soundscapes, sometimes sounds of nature, haunting voices and choirs. Contemporary, emotional yet bold and uplifting, these original music compositions span decades and are always being expanded upon. 

Visit Bernadette's Music Corner Blog for latest news and ongoing music projects!
A Traditional Christmas
This original instrumental Christmas music album will bring the traditional atmosphere of Christmas to you whether you are travelling on the train through the chill winter months or gathered around the fireplace for an office or family gathering.
Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 1: Passion & Prayer
The music in this album is both meditative in places and filled with phrases of passion where several tracks grow and lift the mind to crave closeness with God. The instrumental style is immediately recognisable as artist Bernadette Bevan's unique sound.
Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 2: Joy in Service
Let the stirring violin, piano, Celtic harps, mystical winds, ancient flutes, guitars and pads absorb and uplift in this beautiful original instrumental music CD.
Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 3: Courage & Virtue
Inspiring and emotive, reflective and uplifting. The complete soundtrack to 'St. Margaret Ward' film.
Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 4: Trust & Mercy
With the ethereal chants of spiritual choirs and distant church bells, the sprinkling of delicate harp, expressive cello and passionate drums and horns, this album is both fresh and contemporary, reflective and brooding.
Calm Your Spirit With Music Volume 5: DEWI SANT
Dewi Sant is inspired by all the beauty that is Wales both visually and expressively. Each instrumental track tells the story of Faith, contemplation, joy and peace through music and imagination.
Dreams Music CD
Exciting, haunting, moving, ethereal music. Dreams is a unique blend of instruments and tracks, piano, folk guitar, flutes, gothic choirs. Each piece will take you on a journey.
Holy Spirit of Calm
Calming tracks to help you unwind and chill out, meditate and find calm of spirit.
Holy Spirit of Gentleness
The gentle aspects of the Holy Spirit are explored through use of calming and reflective piano, strings, guitars. A great way to unwind and calm the soul through original music.
Holy Spirit of Joy
Uplift and absorb the spirit through music. Holy Spirit of Joy features 10 original instrumental music tracks which will inspire and absorb. Great for background and chilling out.
Holy Spirit of Peace
Peaceful and meditative music with piano, strings, guitars, drawing you in to help you find peace and calm of spirit.
Holy Spirit of Serenity
The music in this album 'Spirit of Serenity' focuses on the serene attributes of the Holy Spirit through reflective use of piano and strings and accompanying instruments.
Holy Spirit of Tranquility
Tranquil, peaceful and meditative music to help you unwind and calm
Journeys Music CD
Go on a journey with every original instrumental piece in this unique and creative music album. Relax to pan flutes, Spanish guitars, strings and all manner of blended sounds and styles in these musical adventures
Kingdoms Music CD
Visit the Kingdoms of Ancient England and the world with these Ethereal, Atmospheric and original musical instrumental fusions. Haunting voices, atmospheric pads and strings take you to places that uplift and inspire.
Lands Music CD
Lands is an exciting instrumental music album that takes the listener to many lands via the sounds of guitars and drums, solo piano, strings, flutes and recorders and many more which blend in unique and inspired creative tunes.
Realms Music CD
Realms music CD album brings the realm of the universe to the listener in a new and creative way using atmospheric fusion, pads, voices, guitars, pianos, wind instruments, all combined in creative original pieces that will lift and absorb.
Worlds Music CD
Haunting, thought-provoking and mysterious instrumental tracks that take you to other worlds!
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